The new way to earn #3000+ daily with WhatsApp for free straight to your bank account,with payment proofs{Only for Nigerians}

Hi guys. I just discovered a new way to earn money online daily with WhatsApp for free (You are not paying sh*t) .

It’s a new online platform that pays you just for inviting people to comment a sentence in a group and share a facebook post (just once). That is, the people you invite will only do this once.

I have received payment 5 times from this platform straight to my bank account

So how do you make money with this:

You will need to create a whatsapp group. This group must be approved. After it is approved, you will be given a unique code which will be the name of your group.

You will need to add your upline as an admin and also the customer service.

After this you can start telling your friends to join your group chat and carry out the two tasks.


I am not really sure about the calculation though but it’s > #90

Let’s just use #90

YOU EARN #90 when your invited friend comment the given sentence on the group

Also you earn #90 when your invited friend does the facebook task

Total = #180 per invited friend

If you invite 20 people per day(if you have many contacts, you can just tell them to join your group through the invite link and comment the keyword. If they can also help you with the facebook task then that is double bonus for you) and all of them complete the two tasks(only the two tasks) , the amount you would receive will be

20*#180 = #3600 per day,

But if each person does one of the task, you get #1800

If it’s 30 people, you would receive :

30*#180 = #5400

And so on

And there is no minimum payout, if you invite 5 friends, or even less, you would still be paid

Below are some payment proofs for two different users

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Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
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